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Pain Testing:

Pain Testing Wagner Pain Test™ - Model FPIX Digital Algometer

Wagner Pain Test™ - Model FPIX Digital Algometer
Your Price: $750.00

  • Tests Pain Threshold
  • Tests Pain Tolerance
  • Monitors Treatment Progress
  • Tests Trigger and Tender Points
  • Unique Firm Grip Design
  • Large 0.5" Digital Display
  • Peak Force Hold & Recall
  • USB Cable & Data Software
  • Units Selection: lbf/kgf/N/ozf
  • Rechargeable 50 Hour Battery

    FPIX 10 - for tissue over bone and more sensitive areas. FPIX 25 - Most popular for pain threshold trigger points. FPIX 50 - Popular with dual use for pain threshold and pain tolerance. FPIX 100 - For veterinary use on large animals, e.g., horses.

    Included: 1 cm2 rubber tip, NiMH battery, AC adapter/charger, verification hook, case, USB cable, USB driver & MESURlite software on CD, manual and NIST Calibration Certificate.

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