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Motorized Test Stands:

Motorized Test Stands Mark-10 ESM301 Motorized Force Test Stand

Mark-10 ESM301 Motorized Force Test Stand
Your Price: $2695.00

  • Tension & Compression
  • Capacity: 300 lbf / 150 kgf / 1500 N
  • Customized Configuration
  • Digital Force Travel Display
  • Optional 11.5" or 18" Travel
  • MESURgauge Testing Software
  • Price Varies by Model

    Basic - Includes ESM301 with standard speed and option selection.

    Complete - Includes ESM301, all Cables and all Controller Options.

  • USB computer operation requires 09-1056 and RSU100 cables.
  • ESM301 requires M5 Force Gauge - see specifications documentation.

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    NO IMAGE    09-1162Cable, Multi-Function - Gauge to Test Stand Controller$125.00
    NO IMAGE    09-1056Cable, Serial, travel display to PC$30.00
    NO IMAGE    RSU100Cable, USB Adapter - RS232 to USB to PC$125.00
    NO IMAGE    15-1004MESURgauge Force Testing$495.00
    NO IMAGE    ESM301-002Column Extension - 6"$200.00
    NO IMAGE    ESM301-003Column Extension - 12"$250.00
    NO IMAGE    ESM301-004Column Extension - 24"$300.00
    NO IMAGE    ESM301-001Travel Display & RS232 Output$750.00
    NO IMAGE    ESM301L-001Travel Display & RS232 Output$950.00
    NO IMAGE    EF010Bi-Directional RS232 Computer Control$950.00
    NO IMAGE    EF011Programmable Travel Set Points$550.00
    NO IMAGE    EF012Overload Protection$250.00
    NO IMAGE    EF013Auto Return$175.00
    NO IMAGE    EF014Cycling / Dwell Time$250.00
    NO IMAGE    EF015Programmable Button Operation$150.00
    NO IMAGE    EF016Independent Up/Down Speeds$150.00
    NO IMAGE    EF017Extended Speed Range - Low 0.02 - 13 in/min$175.00
    NO IMAGE    EF018Extended Speed Range - High 0.5 - 45 in/min$175.00